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12 Volt 130 Amp Alternator-to-Battery Charger

Price: $394.31
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Item Number: AB12130
Manufacturer: Sterling Power

Sterling Power USA Alternator-to-Battery Chargers


  • Not just a product – a whole new concept: all the performance of an advanced alternator regulator without all the fitting.  

  • Why wait to arrive at your destination to plug in your battery charger? With the Sterling Power Alternator-to-Battery Charger you can provide your batteries a 4 step charging profile of up to 200 amps from your alternator while not being plugged into shore power!

  • The Sterling Power Alternator-to-Battery Charger is a marine grade, high performance, four step, alternator powered battery charger. By monitoring and then controlling the voltage level of the alternator connected to the input side, the alt-to-bat is able to provide a charge rate that recovers your batteries up to five times faster than a standard alternator.

  • Has the ability to mix on board battery types.

  • Can charge GEL, AGM, FLA, Calcium and LiP04 Batteries.

  • Always ensures start battery is properly charged, but also prevents the starting battery from being overcharged and damaged.

  • Our 4 Step Battery Charging Profile extends the life of your batteries by ensuring a full charge & conditioning, as well as entering a float mode when charging is complete to protect against overcharging your batteries.

  • Installs in place of a standard alternator to battery isolator.

  • Available in 12 volt / 130, 160 and 210 amp output.

  • Available in 24 volt / 100.

  • Optional Remote Available (The Only Remote that works with model #AB12130 is Remote # ABRCN)

    Appearance of 12v, 160 thru 210 amp Alternator-to-Battery Charger Models as well as 24v 100 amp model.

 Appearance of the 12v, 130 Amp Alternator-to-Battery Charger Model.


Optional Remote control kit -

You can purchase a Remote Control you can use w/ the Sterling-Power Alternator to Battery Charger. Remotes available for all models. Remote for AB12130 is different than Remote for other Alternator to Battery charger models. 

Direct Link to the Remote for AB12130

View a Summary Sheet of our Alternator to Battery Charger Line. Power USA - Alt to Batt Product Sheet.pdf

Owner’s Manual and installation instructions for the Alternator to Battery Charger AB12130: to Battery Charger Model #AB12130 Owners Manual and Installation Instructions.pdf


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